Attorney Referrals

Our Firm is honored by many lawyers who ask us to help them in representing clients in complex cases. Litigation of complex cases can drain the resources of law firms working on a contingency fee basis. Teaming up with experienced counsel is often the best way to achieve good results for the client.

Different law firms have different philosophies on case acceptance and preparation. Our firm spends significant resources evaluating cases prior to case acceptance. We believe careful case evaluation serves both our clients and our profession; it also enables us to concentrate our resources on meritorious cases in an effort to maximize their value.

Our careful case acceptance policy means that once the decision is made to accept a case, we can devote the resources necessary to bring the lawsuit to a timely, successful completion. To that end, we pride ourselves on moving every lawsuit as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances of the case.

If you are a lawyer who needs to associate our Firm, we welcome the opportunity to work with you.