Workers’ Compensation

Alabama workers’ compensation law is governed by the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Act found in the Alabama Code. It is a no-fault system. That means if you are hurt on the job while you are in the course and scope of your employment, you are entitled to workers’ compensation coverage. Our lawyers can assist you in obtaining your workers’ compensation benefits. Our attorneys charge you no fees if there is no recovery for you.

In addition to obtaining medical benefits, our attorneys will assist you in obtaining the correct amount of weekly monetary benefits while you recover from your work injury. Under Alabama law, your weekly benefits are based upon your average pre-injury wages also known as the Average Weekly Wage or AWW. Our attorneys often find the insurance company incorrectly calculated our client’s AWW and, therefore, owe hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to our clients for underpaid weekly benefits.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits are also known as TTD benefits. You are entitled to weekly TTD benefits during the period of time your doctor says you are unable to work. These benefits are paid at 66 ⅔% of your Average Weekly Wage.

At the conclusion of your medical treatment, your doctor will determine that you reached Maximum Medical Improvement or MMI. MMI is the point in time your doctor believes you are as good as you will get. It does not mean that you will not need future treatment or that you are 100% cured. Instead, the doctor does not believe that additional treatment will provide any further lasting improvement of your medical condition. When you reach MMI, your doctor will assign a number known as your Permanent Impairment Rating. The larger the number, the more weekly benefits you should receive.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits are also referred to as PT benefits. If your doctor and experts determine that you are not capable of returning to work, you may be entitled to PT benefits for the rest of your life. Insurance companies often wrongfully deny claims for PT benefits because paying the injured worker is expensive.


Most employers are not familiar with the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Law and oftentimes provide injured workers with erroneous information. In addition, employers are often pressured by the insurance carriers to fight legitimate claims out of fear of experiencing an increase in their insurance premiums. While you may have a good relationship with your employer, it is best to seek guidance from informed, knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorneys.


Insurance carriers are trying to save money, sometimes at the expense of the injured worker. Insurance carriers often give injured workers limited information which can cause harm to you down the road. They hire case managers and nurses to represent them. You should have someone to represent you. We would appreciate you choosing us to be your representation.