Legal Times – Issue 7

Dear Clients,

Wow. April 15. Again. How does this day come around faster than any other day in the year? While I was out the other day, I was grumbling and complaining to myself about having to buy new sets of tires for several F16s last year (that’s what I’ve decided my 2013 income tax paid for), there was no denying the fact that Easter is here! Colored eggs, everywhere. Chocolate-covered rabbits, everywhere. It’s a kid’s dream! It was also the little jolt I needed to my spirit. Nothing like a reality check from God that says “Excuse me, but while you are all-consumed with this tax thing, did you remember I rose from the grave 2014 years ago?” Many can say what Jesus was and what He wasn’t; what He did or didn’t do, but that isn’t my point. My point is my focus. If I was to change my focus to what I believe He did for me and what I can, in turn, do for others, I wouldn’t stay mired up in all the heavy burdens of my every-day life as often as I do.

To give you food for thought: How many times have you been out shopping for yourself and have seen an item you knew someone else would enjoy? You knew they couldn’t afford to buy it for themselves, so you bought it for them; but, in doing so, it left no money to buy anything for yourself? Kindness doesn’t always manifest itself monetarily though. Have you ever had someone do something so kind for you that you were overwhelmed with their kindness? Something you knew you could not repay? For whatever reason, sometimes the hardest things to give in life are completely free. A kind word. A helping hand. An encouragement. A heart-felt compliment. They are often times the hardest things to accept as well. But aren’t the gestures we can’t repay the most meaningful? Now that my focus has been shifted from new tires to an empty tomb, I hope each of you will enjoy the gift of kindness this month, both giving and receiving, as I intend to do


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