Legal Times – Issue 8

Dear Clients,

You’ve probably already noticed that the cover of this month’s newsletter has someone else on it! This is the youngest member of our family, John Luke. He and my wife went to Washington, DC last week for a 5th grade history field study with his school. The picture you see is of Luke next to his great, great grandfather’s (Capt. Terry Clarence Foster, WW1) headstone at Arlington. While the other families were touring museums one morning, they went to Arlington to find his grave. When my wife called later that day, through tears, she told me that while she expected Arlington to be impressive and expansive, what she didn’t expect was the overwhelming, raw emotion. The vast number of headstones in 360 degrees, all representing a person who had fought for or given their life for our freedom. She and Luke had to walk through 1.4 miles of headstones before finding his. If walking through over a mile of headstones doesn’t make you realize the unparalleled sacrifice of our heroes, I’m not sure what will.

Our society does a fine job of helping us lose sight of the important things these days. Moments of thanks, respect and remembrance have given way to retail sales and days spent at the beach or on the lake. It’s just another day off from work. But it’s not. The speech that is enclosed by former President Reagan puts Memorial Day into perspective. This year, when we see a Memorial Day sales sign, have a cookout, or take that boat ride, let’s all pause for one second and breathe a word of thanks, so that their sacrifice was not in vain. Because while America may not be exactly what it once was or what we want it to be, it is still ours. We are still free. May we never forget the men and women who died so we could live in freedom. May we never give up on America. They never did.


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