Were You Injured by a Driver Without Insurance? Here’s Why You Need a Lawyer

Getting into an automobile accident can be a life-changing event. To make matters worse, every year thousands of Alabama car wrecks are caused by drivers without insurance.

What should you do if you are the victim of a motor vehicle accident Alabama and the at-fault driver doesn’t have insurance? Equipping yourself with accurate legal advice is the first step.

You may have a claim against the owner of the vehicle who loaned the vehicle to the uninsured driver. You may also have insurance coverage available through your own automobile insurance carrier. Here are some reasons you absolutely need a car crash lawyer — regardless of the nature of your injuries or what your own insurance company says.

The Dangers of Driving in Alabama

If you’re a responsible motorist, then you make sure that you have insurance before hitting the road. Unfortunately, not everyone feels quite as strongly about protecting themselves and others.

Just how likely is it that you’ll encounter an uncovered motorist in Alabama? Statistics from 2009 estimated that almost 22 percent of the people on our roadways were uninsured. Multiply that rate by the approximately 2.2 million registered vehicles statewide, and the total comes to more than 480,000 motorists who lack coverage.

The Realities of Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage

What do these figures mean for car crash victims who were struck by uninsured drivers? Although insurance companies provide uninsured motorist coverage to help the victims of such situations, insurance adjusters focus on the bottom line first. Your own automobile insurance company has an incentive to pay you as little as legally possible even though you may have paid for uninsured motorist coverage for years.

The insurance adjuster’s attempt to save the insurance company money can leave you in a serious bind following a car wreck. What many victims fail to anticipate is that medical bills aren’t the only financial hurdles they’ll have to get over. For instance, when you’re trying to recover, you may not be able to work, take your kids to doctor’s appointments or handle basic daily tasks without assistance. Routine events that you once took for granted can become completely unfeasible after you’ve been injured in a car wreck.

How Talking to An Attorney Can Help

The law doesn’t automatically take care of automobile accident victims — even if someone else’s behavior was to blame. To get the compensation you deserve, you must take action yourself, and it’s essential to talk to a lawyer about your case.

Put Your Case on the Right Track

Navigating a claim after a car accident can be confusing. Hiring a lawyer can make this process much easier. Don’t try to take on the insurance companies by yourself. Talking to one of our lawyers helps you even the odds and recoup the costs of surgery, your medical bills, pain and suffering, future treatment costs and lost wages. You need an aggressive legal team on your side.

Don’t let your future depend on someone else’s wrongdoing or an unsympathetic insurance adjuster. Fight back with the aid of a compassionate attorney that understands what you’re going through and knows how to guide you forward. Get in touch with Warren & Simpson PC today.