Why You Should Hire a Lawyer with Courtroom Experience

Few people understand the seriousness of living with an injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident until they experience it for themselves. You may be an excellent driver, be fully insured, and keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Still, any other driver on the road can change your life forever in an instant of negligence. Suddenly, you’re missing work, medical bills are piling up, and your insurance provider’s insurance adjuster is doing his best to show you that your insurance provider is not really on your side.

Anyone recovering from a personal injury after a car accident understands these things. What might be harder to understand is the importance of hiring a personal injury attorney who has courtroom experience, one who has developed a reputation for taking cases to court. You need a personal injury attorney who has experience fighting for clients in a courtroom setting.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Only an experienced personal injury attorney knows the peculiarities of personal injury law. The legal system is immensely complex, and no one person can understand it fully. This is why attorneys specialize in specific aspects of the law.

The Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Attorney

Many different types of lawyers claim to be competent in handling personal injury claims. But the truth is, that personal injury law is a legal discipline all its own. In order for your personal injury case to be successful, you need an attorney who has experience dealing with personal injury cases, who understands the legal history of these kinds of cases, and who has a proven track record of taking such cases to court—and winning.

Why Experience Matters

A good personal injury attorney will be happy to talk about his experience. Ask about the settlements they have been able to secure, their rate of success, and how they handled tough negotiations. But most importantly, ask them if they have experience taking personal injury cases to trial.

Why You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer with Courtroom Experience

If you have been injured in a car wreck that was not your fault, there is only one way to get all that you are owed- that is to take your case to trial and win. When the cost of surgery and other hospital bills start piling up, many people find that what they get from an out of court settlement does not cover their financial needs.

When a personal injury attorney builds a reputation as a trial lawyer by taking cases to court, insurance companies sit up and take notice. Insurance companies are in the business of taking the highest premiums they can while paying out as little as possible. For this reason, they keep track of which personal injury lawyers have a record of taking cases to court, and which do not.

They know if they are dealing with an experienced trial lawyer, they will have to pay the full value of the settlement. Before you hire a personal injury lawyer, ask the important questions. Make sure they have a winning track record and a proven history of taking cases to trial and getting their clients the full compensation they deserve.

Here at Warren and Simpson’s, we prepare every case to go to trial. We file lawsuits, take the depositions of negligent parties and doctors, and prepare fully to take your case to trial. We’ve tried hundreds of personal injury cases all across Northern Alabama.